Aug 05 2019Case Study

Seafth's Story

Success is amazing – but it also can be overwhelming. In the last few years, I had the honor of being a successor for a 34-year agent who retired. By taking on his book of business, my client load grew 900% overnight. I was thrilled – but I knew I needed help.

I pride myself on creating a personal and in-touch connection with my clients but without an administrative strategy, I would have to change my business model and shave corners in the client connections or not be able to properly contact the successor clients at all.

Thankfully, I knew Riah from when we were previously colleagues and had heard that she was achieving great results working with a peer of mine. On my friend’s recommendation, I also hired Riah to help me get back to business as usual, just with 900 times the clients. My clients are happy, and business is booming.

Having an assistant for my business was essential. Having one that cares about my clients as much as I do has allowed me to grow my business without sacrificing the heart of service my clients deserve.

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