Clear Path Consulting:
Feeling stuck and uncertain about your future?
Good, that means you’re growing.

Linq’s Clear Path Consulting operates on a simple premise: helping you bring out your inner goddess and allowing her to thrive and provide clarity to your business’ growth.

We’re not here to sell you a pre-fab, ‘one-size-fits-all’ business model: we want to help you manifest your own path, your own plan, and your own success.

Is Clear Path the Right Service for You?

Our Clear Path Consultation service is meant to help clients figure out their overall goals and to help them manifest actionable and efficient plans to get from where they are to where they want to be. Most of the client’s we work with in our Clear Path Consultation service are women professionals who:

Sound familiar? That’s because every woman in the business space has encountered these problems before, and we’re here to tell you: you’re not alone, and there’s someone out there who can help you overcome these hurdles. We believe that helping our client’s find their Clear Path is going to be instrumental in finding that personal definition of success they hold dear in their hearts.

How We Help You Manifest Your Clear Path

The whole process starts with our consultation and brainstorming process.  This allows us to get to know each other better, to become familiar with each other’s process, and to find out how we can work together to get you to where you need to be. Together, we’ll brainstorm your short-term and long-term goals and find the clearest, most concise path to what you want to achieve. This means figuring out what immediate actions you need to take, what mindset you need to be in, and how you’re going to get there. We believe that a journey of a thousand miles doesn’t begin with a single step: it starts when you’ve completed charting a course that will allow you to use your passion and propel you on a clear path that encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

Once we’ve established what you need to do and how you need to do it, we’ll ask you to take Linq’s proprietary Clear Path Assessment program, an assessment system designed to find out more about what makes you the person that you are and how that can be leveraged for the success of your company. We will also take a look at areas that are draining your energy, not so we can avoid them, but so we can incorporate them into your Clear Path and manifest a way for them to still benefit you in the process.

But before you think “great, another corporate assessment form I have to fill out”, know that Linq’s Clear Path Assessment program isn’t just empty platitudes and repeats of corporate adages: our program is based on the Extended DISC Assessment program, a scientifically backed assessment system designed by psychologists to determine a person’s dominant personality traits. For your Clear Path Assessment, we use your DISC results as a means of creating a clear, concise, and successful, path for you and your company.

Now that we’ve figured out where you want to go, how you want to get there, and which aspect of your personality is best to lead your company, it’s time get to the nitty-gritty and create an action plan. Your action plan will include detailed steps for you to accomplish within the next couple of weeks, with each step being tailored to fit your previous assessment and geared towards getting you nearer your ultimate goal. Your action plan, however, isn’t just going to be some boring, old to-do list.

Using the Clear Path Assessment program, we’ll help you create an action plan that considers your strengths, your weaknesses, the things that inspire you, and the things that hold you back.

We believe that approaching success with a holistic image of both your company and you is crucial; what’s the use of hitting the bottom line if you’re just going to be miserable about it? We want you to enjoy your hard-earned success, and you can only do that if you’re able to maintain your identity and your passions while you manifest yourself at the top. To help you keep on track, we’ll be setting up an accountability call at the end of your action plan’s timeline.

Don’t worry, the accountability call is not like a teacher calling a parent: we’re not calling to judge you, we just want to help you hold yourself accountable to the promises you made to yourself and to help you keep yourself on track with your action plan with firm, but gentle, encouragement and constant inspiration. We don’t think failure defines you; rather, we think your failures are road markers that help you figure out how to better navigate your personal clear path. We’re here to uplift our fellow women, not to keep them down!

Our Clear Path Consultation service isn’t an imposition of a system we designed or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ company outline; rather, Linq’s Clear Path Consultation is all about helping our client’s figure out the best way to approach their business model using the best tools they have on hand: themselves.

The Clear Path Consultation service allows our clients to get themselves out of their rut by creating actionable plans and acting decisively on it while keeping their eyes on the prize, whatever that ‘prize’ is.

Manifesting a Clear Path Begins with Accepting Uncertainty

In medieval times, artisans and merchants start off by becoming an apprentice to a master. During their apprenticeship, they work closely with the master, learning from them, absorbing everything they possibly can. Once the master believes they are ready to set out on their own, they send their apprentice out into the world, with the apprentice becoming a noted professional in whatever trade they’ve trained in.

Often, becoming a recognized master in your trade or craft will take a lifetime, and during that time, these trade professionals will often encounter self-doubt and uncertainty, and it is here that their real journey begins.

Clients often come up to us saying that they feel like their feeling of being stuck or their feeling of failure stems from their sense of uncertainty. We here at Linq, however, believe that this feeling of uncertainty is precisely what you need for growth.

Seems counter-intuitive, we know, but hear us out: when you’ve reached a point in your professional career wherein you’re unsure of where you want to be or where you’re headed next, it means that you’ve taken the first steps into a new chapter of your professional life; you’ve crossed the threshold between being an apprentice or a newbie and have now stepped into the shoes of a full-fledged professional, a budding master in your trade.

Of course, you’re going to feel uncertain and unsure, you’ve never been here before! Often, women professionals who start their own business or are elevated to positions of heavy responsibility or leadership will feel overwhelmed by the number of options they have in forging success. But we’re here to tell you: that’s a good thing.

A plethora of options is exactly where you want to be because each option open to you increases the possibility of your growth and of your success. The trick, however, is figuring out which option is best for you, which is where our Clear Path program comes in. Sure, you can explore all possible on your own, but that’s going to drain you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Here at Linq, we want you to focus all of your energies on the right path and manifesting a clear and actionable plan is the first step in doing so.

Helping You Find a Clear Intention for Your Business

Linq believes that every woman who chooses to be successful in their own right should be empowered to do so, and we believe that women already have that power, they just need a little help manifesting it.

Linq believes that every woman who chooses to be successful in their own right should be empowered to do so, and we believe that women already have that power, they just need a little help manifesting it.

Entrepreneurs Manifesting Their Clear Path

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