Be honest: have you contacted an ex in the last six months?
How did that work out for you?

A 2019 study shows that of people who attempt to reconnect with their ex-partners, a whopping 70% do not reconcile. Depressing, I know. But here’s the good news: your business is different from your love life.

In fact, reconnecting with former clients is one of the best things you can do. Don’t worry, I’ve got the numbers on this one too: increasing your client retention by only 5% can increase your annual revenue by 25-95%*. So why are you incessantly texting the guy who hasn’t returned your favorite hoodie, but not checking up on your customers who have given you money?

But that’s why you’re here, right? You need a business gut check. We can help. And this thing we do? It’s only called “Consulting” because “Making-Your-Customers-Completely-Obsessed-With-You-And-Helping-You-Supercharge-Referrals-Tenfold-By-Subtly-Changing-Your-Approach” doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

Short Term Results

Customer re engagement
Customer Engagement Strategy

Long Term Impact

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What the heck are we waiting for?

What the heck are we waiting for?