Client Re-Engagement Consulting:
Helping you reconnect with clients the right way

You’ve got a robust client base, you’ve got the energy, but do you have the right strategy to help you keep your clients happy?

Our Client Re-Engagement Consulting service helps you create the right business strategy that will help you maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your clients.

Why Client Re-engagement Matters

Here’s the thing about getting back on track with your former clients: client re-engagement allows your business to thrive with mutually beneficial partners.

There are plenty of reasons why you lost touch with your business clients, but it can be boiled down to this: the relationship wasn’t nurtured enough. A business relationship that isn’t cared for or checked up on can lead to losing valuable referrals, losing repeat business, and ultimately, losing touch with a valued client. And you know what? That’s ok. You’re allowed to make mistakes; what’s important is learning from it.

But is it really that important to re-engage with clients?

Yes, it is very important. In fact, studies show that businesses that increase client retention by a measly 5% can expect an annual revenue increase by a whopping 25-95%.

But here’s the thing that study leaves out: that 25-95% increase is only possible if you re-engage with your clients in a way that is self-sustaining and positive, and that’s where a lot of businesses struggle with. How do you ensure that this cycle of authentic positivity keeps turning?

Well, that’s why we’re here!

Linq’s Client Re-Engagement Consulting service helps you re-evaluate your sales cycle so that we can identify pain points that are hindering you from creating long lasting friendships with your client base. This includes helping you re-engage with the clients that respect your passion, who value your products and services, and most importantly, are committed to patronizing your business on a long-term basis.

How Does Linq’s Client Re-engagement Consulting Help Me?

Our Client Re-Engagement Consulting service focuses on delivering two things: short-term results and long-term impact.

As with most business goals, your short-term results when you re-engage with a client are essential stepping-stones for you to create an impact that will affect you, your business, and the people you work with in the long-term. Through our Client Re-Engagement Consulting service, we’ll be helping you with:

  • Increasing Your Referrals
  • Streamlining Your Workflows
  • Personalizing Your Business Strategies
  • Manifesting Milestones and Markers
  • Recognizing the Right Customers to Re-Engage With
  • Re-Engagement Strategization

A lot of these don’t seem like new ideas for our more advanced entrepreneurs, but we believe that these basic aspects of customer care need to be refreshed from time to time. The higher you are in the ladder of success, the more different the environment becomes.

Increasing your referrals when you’re starting out is fairly easy, but as you establish yourself further, your client base needs to level up with you. We’ll help you make sure that your clients can constantly refer your business to other established clients.

The more referrals you get, the bigger your business grows. However, as your business grows, so must your business model, particularly your workflow process. Every business is unique and will require a very specific type of workflow. Our Client Re-Engagement Consulting service will include a robust workflow development program that will help you streamline your business in a way that works best for both yourself and your clients.

Through our Client Re-Engagement Consulting service, you’ll learn how to make your preferred and trusted clients happy, and in turn, will make you happy as well. Positivity and growth is paid in kind, after all.

The best short-term goals are the ones that lead to a long-term impact, and that’s what our Client Re-Engagement Consulting service aims to achieve. By helping you get to these short-term goal posts, we’re also helping you create the environment you need to make meaningful connections with the clients that matter. Just like your love life, we want you to have a meaningful and impactful relationship with the clients that matter. This means creating foundations of trust and positive energy through competent and skillful customer care.

As your business grows, your client books are going to get bigger and your client list is going to get longer, but with the workflow personalization system we’ll be teaching you, these things will be a breeze to manage. Done right, your client books are going to become a self-managing ecosystem that will be generating new clients on the regular. This means that we’ll also be helping you create a referral system that rewards loyal clients and encourages new customers to walk through your doors.

Through our Client Re-Engagement Consulting service, we help you identify the clients that can help you reach your goals and help you re-establish communication and trust. This is because the right client can help you get the right kind of referrals, but more importantly, it helps you establish a deep and meaningful connection with your fellow entrepreneur.

By re-engaging with your trusted customers, you’re not only ensuring continued business: you’re also creating a wonderful community of business partners who are on a similar journey of success as you. After all, clients aren’t just people who give you money: they’re people who have trusted your expertise and talents, and we need to return the grace and respect they’ve given to us three-fold.

Linq believes in empowering all of our women in business, which is why our Client Re-Engagement service helps you connect (or reconnect) with your entrepreneurial sisters so that we can all rise above the tide.

Is Client Re-engagement the Right Service for You?

Our Client Re-engagement Consultation service is meant to help clients reconnect with their high-value customers. As a business grows, it’s only natural that you lose touch with people that matter. Thankfully, picking up where you left off with happy customers is easy, and it helps you grow your business even further. Most of the clients we work with in our Client Re-Engagement Consultation service are professionals who:

Sound familiar? That’s because every woman in the business space has encountered these problems before, and we’re here to tell you: you’re not alone, and there’s someone out there who can help you overcome these hurdles. We believe that helping our clients re-engage with past clients and customers that are of value to them will help them grow their business and take them from where they are to where they deserve to be.

Linq’s Client Re-Engagement Process

Linq’s Client Re-engagement process is all about helping you connect with your clients on a deeper level by developing your sales engagement cycle, which means that we’ll be helping you assess your current business strategies. It’s ideal if our clients have taken our Clear Path Consulting service so that we can pinpoint the exact goals and processes your business needs in order to succeed.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all-cookie-cutter process: we want to work with you to customize your own successful re-engagement strategy by assessing your needs, evaluating your current process, reviewing how that process impacts your current client base, and then empowering you to find the best way to reconnect and re-engage with all your clients, whether you closed them last week or five years ago.

By studying the way you run your business, from the top of your sales funnel all the way down to closing, we can determine the best way for you to create an amazing client experience that benefits both you and your customers. Then, once the groundwork of your positive working relationship has been established, we’ll work towards re-engaging them with your company. We’ll help you build what we call a “nurture cycle”, where we help you ensure that you and your clients build an authentic, human relationship that helps you both achieve your business goals. This also maximizes the potential of clients referring your business to other potential leads.

Through our Client Re-Engagement Consulting service, we help you build the language, the ability, the plan, and the strategy to create deep, meaningful, and above all, authentic relationships with your clients.

By re-engaging with your customers, you’re not only ensuring continued business: you’re also creating a wonderful community of business partners who are on a similar journey of success as you. After all, clients aren’t just people who give you money: they’re people who have trusted your expertise and talents, and we need to return the grace and respect they’ve given to us three-fold.


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