Why yes! I’d love to talk about myself...

Host, Riah Gonzalez is wearing a white shirt and maroon scarf and smiling.

Professional, Mom, Scorpio/Libra cusp. Fan of Dogs, Mexican Food, and Acoustic Rock. Proud Bilingual Babe.

I’m not me without: My incredible husband, who has been by my side since our high school prom(!!), and our three beautiful daughters, Angelica, Marisol, and Gabriela.

The proudest moment of my life: Is probably a tie between the birth of my children and winning a school-wide T-Shirt Design contest in third grade. (Don’t laugh — it was a really good t-shirt design.)

I will drop everything and dance in the grocery store if they play: New Kids On The Block, Shakira, or Selena (Quintanilla or Gomez, you pick – they both do it for me).

My everyday uniform: Are you kidding? A hoodie and jeans, for sure.

You might not guess by looking at me that I: Have been named Maternal Unit Of The Year for 21 years running*. Of course, it’s an honor just to be nominated. I’d like to thank God first…

The people around me would say I’m: Stubborn. Like, “I took one college class at a time for twelve years to finish my Bachelor’s Degree while raising my 3 daughters”-level stubborn.

Riah and her family posing wacky poses.

I will talk for hours about: My sweet Boston Terrier, Phoebe. Dogs > cats.

Prepare to lose to me if we: Play Connect Four. I will stomp you.

My go-to Starbucks Order: A Grande Nonfat Latte with Two Splendas, AKA “The Perfect Latte.”

*DISCLOSURE: Results not typical. Judging panel was compensated with approximately two decades worth of food, shelter, and clothing.

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