Jun 14 2020Team Building

Is a Virtual Assistant Worth it?

Virtual assistants are great... or are they? It's no debate that VAs save time, money, and energy for your business... but are they worth the risks and headaches of vetting and hiring a remote candidate? There may be better, alternative solutions to hiring a virtual assistant.

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Jun 10 2020Personal Development

From Burned Out to ON FIRE!

Burnout is the effect of prolonged stress from demanding internal or external environments. Although it's common in professional spaces, it should not be normalized. We deserve better than to feel stuck or stalled out. Once we realize the root cause of our burnout, we can take practical steps to heal and conquer it.

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Jun 08 2020Client Relationships

How to Build Outstanding Rapport with Your Clients

The success of your business depends on the effort you invest in your client relationships. There are many ways to build rapport that is enjoyable for you and your clients. This blog post highlights some ways to build genuine client rapport that blows the competition out of the water.

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Jan 11 2020Business, Technology

What is a CRM and How Can It Help Your Business?

At some point, carrying a journal or relying on Excel isn’t going to cut it anymore. With over 600 CRMs in the market, it’s important to understand what kind of information you need to capture and to find the best ways to simplify your processes.

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Dec 05 2019Public Speaking, Self Discovery, Overcoming Fear

How To Speak Better in Public: The Fiercest Coaching Program Ever

Public speaking is daunting. Some people tend to shy away from it. Some people will go to different lengths just to avoid it. What most of us don’t know is, it is possible to become a compelling speaker without going through elaborate speech courses.

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Nov 19 2019Business Strategy

How To Increase Referrals and Revenue: The Riah Gonzalez Way

I am someone who has loved the concept of building meaningful connections ever since I was little. I’ve used my knack for public speaking to build my business and find ways to help others with their businesses too. And although I don’t want anything from you, I may have something that could be useful to you.

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Aug 20 2019Thought

Mini Prestige

Linq Consulting Solutions – it sounds big and fancy and most of the time it is. However, my favorite part of this business is that I have the flexibility to help the little guy. That pic right there? You might be in the cute and fluffy stage of things and just needing a few hours of help every few weeks.

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Aug 05 2019Case Study

Seafth's Story

Success is amazing—but it also can be overwhelming. In the last few years, I had the honor of being a successor for a 34-year agent who retired. By taking on his book of business, my client load grew 900% overnight. I was thrilled – but I knew I needed help.

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