Katie’s Story: Empowering Teams by Creating Her Own

Katie McLaughlin

Katie’s business: mclaughlinmethod.com

Just like many solo entrepreneurs, Katie McLaughlin is a very passionate individual who is on the road to achieving great things. With her business, McLaughlin Method, she coaches executives, and facilitates experiential learning, training & development for teams.

Katie strives to transform leadership and cultures within tech startups and organizations so that they can thrive. Hers is a noble goal, and I believe she will make waves.

But her mission is no easy feat.

“My list of ‘should do’s’ kept getting longer and it felt like to make any big progress, it would only come after a million tiny tasks, so I never felt satisfied that I got that big item done.” – Katie

Many business owners feel stuck with the daily grind of little things which can make them barely feel like a CEO anymore.

But Katie was determined and was not about to give up.

Katie was out to reclaim her position as the CEO of her business, because, you know, leadership is her jam!

Katie initially thought it was “too soon” to hire an assistant, but she decided to bravely take the next step.

She had wanted to focus more on the creative aspects of her business, and less on the admin side of it. And the prospect of having more time for self-care while still getting things done was appealing to her. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

More time and bandwidth to be amazing.

The first thing Katie felt after she hired Nikki, her amazing assistant, was that she could finally breathe easier.

She knew that progress will still be made even when she takes some time off. She can literally just wake up to work that is already done, which is an amazing feeling.

Katie is now also able to remove the limits to her full potential and more often show up as her best self (which I have witnessed and can confirm is seriously amazing).

“This is seriously keeping my business afloat while I’ve needed to take time off.” – Katie

Her vision.

When you’re struggling to stay afloat, it can be easier to lose sight of the vision that ignited your spark or passion for your business in the first place. But to keep it burning bright and avoid burnout, you need to add fuel to the fire. 

The more time, space, and energy Katies frees up, the more she can focus on her vision. “A better world, one interaction at a time,” starting with healthier and happier workplaces, which in turn transforms the world of their customers, creating a ripple effect of change.

As a culture change catalyst, Katie would be pleased to see this all play out. Katie’s vision easily and consistently inspires her to give her best work to the clients she serves. 

Katie can now do MORE.

Katie works with a lot of high-growth companies (many have about 100 employees). She most effectively grows her network by speaking at tech or startup conferences, webinars, and summits. HR organizations and leadership organizations (folks who develop leadership training) are often happy to have her as a guest speaker as well. 

I can confirm that she also makes a wonderful podcast guest. You can listen to her episode here. Her message is incredibly valuable and impactful and deserves to be spread. And so having Nikki help her follow through on these various speaking engagements is also a gift to the world.

Detail-oriented and data-driven Nikki also helps Katie ensure that none of the details get lost. Nikki helps Katie organize information into a content library. It saves immense amounts of time for referencing and creating new content. This then allows Katie to more easily go the extra mile in the value she provides to her clients.

Katie finds the perfect fit.

Nikki is simply amazing. She has exceptional skills, and is a great communicator — all things I asked for from Riah and her team… Every time that my assistant does something new and amazing, I want to tell the team at Linq about it.” – Katie

Katie deserved a virtual assistant that matched her level of awesome 🙂 So she sought help from the Linq team to figure out the job description, and then go through hundreds of applications to pick our top 3 candidates. From this pared down list, we presented to her a link to the applicants’ profiles, their recorded video interviews, copies of their work samples, and our written reasons for choosing them. We made sure that this assistant was the best match for Katie’s needs and preferences.

“I didn’t have to review any applications or waste time interviewing people who weren’t good fits for me… I wouldn’t have hired a VA on my own — and probably never will. Riah’s team made it that easy.” – Katie

There are a lot more factors behind this process. It helped her to talk it out with me and explore the idea more thoroughly. Everyone’s different, and so we needed to figure out what works best for her in a gradual and deliberate manner. She and I dove into where she needed help in her business. We also talked about delegation, training, communication, cultural differences, tools, methods, reflections, and other technical considerations. We did all we could to provide her with help and resources for this exciting new stage in her business.

“I was certainly nervous about working with someone in a different part of the world, but Riah helped me navigate the cultural and workplace differences without fear.” – Katie

Once she quickly got past the initial nervousness of the process, it was now time for her to dive right into her inspiring mission.

A push forward.

Overall, I am so glad and honored to have helped Katie find an assistant that she’s incredibly happy with, as this has really helped her push forward in her business. Katie’s business is awesome, and she deserves to easily go to the next level without the hassle! And so do you.

Always rooting for you, 

Riah Gonzalez

Find Katie here:

Katie McLaughlin, founder of McLaughlin Method, is smiling.

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